Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's the time to Disco.

Yesterday night was Merchants of Bollywood night. I would have blogged my review last night when the show was still fresh in my mind, but low and behold, the electricity was punishing the family for being too complacent with the abundance of power we take for granted. So last night was a no lights/aircond/fan/internet/tv experience. You really start appreciating what you have then.

Haih, but am glad appliances are back to life with a single flick of the switch. Thank you Mr. Ah Hong, our ever reliable technician.

Back to MOB, let me first share with you of my luck in securing the best seat in the house. Thanks to a certain CEO of a newspaper a.k.a Mom's Boss for deciding not to come at the last minute, I was able to upgrade my ticket to the 2nd row. As I took my seat, the empty seat next to me read a tag "Kerabat Diraja", alamak, sape pulak la duk sbelah ni. Camne nak enjoy? However, set of tagged seats next to me remained empty throught out the show and I was able to whistle and jiggle contently in my seats without having to worry that I might offend anybody.

Only then to realize, the papparazzi snapping blinding flashlights were not there for me. I did, for 10 seconds, felt what it was like to be a celebrity with cameras snapping every second. The Permaisuri Agong, clad in black top to toe, was sitting in front of me. If she turned around, we could have high-fived ala Barney Stinson style.

On the show itself, being an avid fan of broadway shows, I don't know if I should call it a gift or a curse but my eyes tend to spot every single details of a show. Therefore, I am dissapointed to say, I saw some glitches that made me feet a little uncomfortable through out the show. The storyline was "Bollywood-ish", enough said there. The dancers looked like they lacked practice and their lines was...ugh. I cringed at the sight of a less than perfect line. Adding to that, the music and singing was obviously not live, so that itself takes away one of the best elements of a broadway show.

HOWEVER, what they lack in those areas, Bollywood dancers always make it up by the natural enthusiasm that they have in every step executed. You just can't beat them at that. Look out for the traditional dance, it far surpass their more modern dance numbers. Indian dancers sure have an elegance to them that's truly mesmerising. I particularly took a liking to an old dance that were done by courtesans in olden times to seduce the Kings. Hmmm...u'd wonder why eh?

Throughout the show, I had flashbacks of KYS times when we would gather in the RecRoom to watch Bollywood movies in between SPM study sessions. Well, okay not exactly true for me, I didn't really watched any. Only when the movie broke out into a song. Especially the closing number when they did "It's the time to disco" from the movie Kal Ho Nah Ho (forgive me if I'm wrong). I remember the OK 0206 boys performing this song (again, forgive me if I got this one wrong too). Brought out a smile in me, and I rarely smile when reminiscing KYS times. Aaaahh.. I miss all of you. How's everyone?

Supporting the Man U boys tonight. I don't really watch or know about football, am just hoping to see some friends over there whom I might not see elsewhere. So if you're gonna be there, give me a shout.

Special shout out to Ali Imran. All the best in Aussie! I tak sempat nak tunjuk you my newest accomplishment. Lain kali je la.

Peace out.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Game Addiction. ~not that I have many~

Obviously he didnt't get Guitar Hero Metallica Special Edition. Which I totally rock in btw.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mode Therapy

I just finished the last episode of Ugly Betty's latest season. Okay, so I have a confession to make. This is one show that I rarely admit to people that I am an avid fan of. Just cause.

For anyone who doesn't always feel the need to find extreme hidden meaning in every single scene you see or every little subconcious significance in the script you hear, but can simply find pleasure in watching tv series because that was intentionally what tv series are for. To entertain. Give Ugly Betty a try.

My brother is hooked on it after a single episode. Yes, my macho-sports lovin-sometimes homophobic-gym going-Mr.BadAss brother watch Ugly Betty and all its glitzy galor. Well, he is pretty gay himself sometimes. This as a side note, what guy assigns different section of a towel for different part of his body. Eg. the label section for arms and chest, other side section for waist and below, middle section for head. <----Yeah, that's my big brother. Pretty anal, I know.

Okay, back to what I was saying. I only wanted to post about Ugly Betty cause I want to share with you 2 of my favourite characters.

Meet Marc [Michael Urie] and Amanda [Becki Newton].

They are the only reason I tune in to this show.FYI, I hate Betty. And I swear to God, if ever I meet a real life Betty one day, I shall do my job in making her life a living hell. I'm sorry. I'm a closet blonde. It's in my nature that I hate the Ugly Bettys of the world.

Marc and Amanda would be the ultimate best friends to have. Bitchiness + Loyalty. You can't beat that combo. ooOoo..And I secretly have a friend who reminds me of Marc, (yes, it's you who is in IC. Identity shall remain a secret I'll bring to my grave)

To producers of said show : Please do not drop/kill off Marc & Amanda duo because I shall stop watching. This is a THREAT!

PS : Okay, so I lied. I also watch because of Justin Suarez [Mark Indelicato]. But he has been taking a back seat this season. Plus note to producers, me.want.more.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Locked up in the vault.

I found this in my saved draft which I started bout a month ago. I don't remember who tagged me. I don't really tag people anyway.

So whomever who wants to do this, be my guest.

My top five most favourite foods

  • Ice cream
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Nasi Lemak
  • Pisang goreng
  • Sambal tumis
Ten things i love doing
  • Dance.
  • Read.
  • Using my iPod.
  • Lately, driving.
  • Skype-ing.
  • Shop, shop, shop!
  • Daydream.
  • Time with the big bro/cip/boricua.
  • Dance some more.

Five things i love doing when I'm emotional

  • Cry.
  • Sleep.
  • Dance.
  • Music.
  • Rant to anyone who would listen.

Five things I love doing when I'm happy

  • Share good times with loved ones.
  • Dance (boring tak dengar this word?)
  • Smile and talk a lot.
  • Bugger my friends.
  • Thank God.
Five things I wish to happen

  • Myra = rich.
  • I would feel no pain.
  • I could be with everyone I want, anytime I want.
  • I'm in Puerto Rico & Melbourne right now.
  • People don't judge.
My top five addicted songs *at the moment*

  • "Just A Baby Boy" Snoop Dogg
  • "Heartbreaker" Will.I.Am
  • "Step Yo Game Up" Snoop Dogg
  • "Eh Eh" Lady Gaga
  • "Knock You Down" Keri Hilson

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yo everyone. Go get your IceAge 3 tickets now! And make sure you get the 3D ones. If needed, trade in your Transformers 2 tickets for it.

Watch this. I couldn't embed it.

This public announcement is brought to you


Why change from BM to English only to change it back to BM?

I love my native language. I speak it, I read it and I have pride in it. Changes are hard, but what would challenges be if not challenging yet fruitful in the end. I would be lieing if I said I got to where I am without my ability to communicate and converse well in English.

Some say I have it easier than others. And my sympathies are with those who are struggling to cope. But shouldn't we be daring to overcome obstacles rather than taking a U-turn everytime the road gets a litle bumpy.

Aaarrgghhh..and what pains me the most is having this feeling that all these are done not to ease the burden of citizens, more to garner support of the people for certain group/agendas. I really don't wanna ramble on. All I can say is

......iiiiiiiiieieiieiiieeieieii GERAMNYE!.........

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sex Education At Its Best

These boys really made my day.

For all who have yet to see a vagina. Enjoy~

You read every book on parenting. Everybody tells you it's going to be amazing. I could finally hold this baby in my arms. I would DIE for it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Dance

I went back kampung this weekend for my kenduri kesyukuran/doa selamat/tahlil ~kenduri 3-in-1~

My cousin, boy. 12 years old. kurus. said "Kakak, come. I'll show you my new dance"

House music blaring from the handphone, he spurts out the club-shuffle dance.

For my readers who don't know the notorious club-shuffle dance, acapkali kita melihat gerak tari ini dipertontonkan oleh remaja di kelab,yang buat tepi jalan raya pun ade, selalunya berbangsa Melayu serta gemar berlumba-lumba motor, sebab kool la jadi Superman atas motor.

I can see him in the skinny jeans, selipar tandas Jepun, rambut potong senget.

Mr Mat Rempit, I blame you for stealing the innocence of my young cousin.

Please pray for him. Oh, he is still so young.